Our Town Cozad: 100th Meridian Museum

The Cozad Historical Society was founded in 1973 as Our Town Cozad hosted their centennial celebration.

A couple of decades later, the historical society decided they needed a place to display all of their priceless artifacts, so they opened the 100th Meridian Museum in 1994.

This sign along along Highway 30 marks the 100th meridian as it passes through Cozad.

In the Central Great Plains of the United States, the 100th meridian is an important natural demarcation line where the humid east meets the arid west.

Judy Andres is a board member at the museum "Well, one of the interesting things is our touring coach. It came from Yellowstone National Park. William Howard Taft and his family rode in this touring coach in Yellowstone."

The rare touring coach has been representing Cozad for more than 70 years, "We use it during Haydays. We took it to the state fair when it was in Lincoln and now it's in Grand Island. This is the 50th year for Nebraskaland Days and it has always been in the Nebraskaland Days parade."

Also interesting to note is the antique popcorn stand, "It was originally located right outside the 100th Meridian Museum. Two elderly sisters ran the popcorn stand back in the 50's. They would pop popcorn and people would stop there and get their penny candy and their bag of popcorn and go on to the show or go for a walk, whatever."

And the popcorn will be popping on special occasions outside the museum this summer.

Another important area in the museum is this tribute to some of Cozad's finest. Judy says the historical society is continually searching for Cozad vets to honor, "As people come in and they recognize that their family member isn't up there, that's our way of collecting, because obviously we have a lot more veterans."

The volunteers at 100th Meridian Museum invite you to come and help them celebrate their 20th anniversary.

The museum is open Tuesday thru Saturday from Memorial Day to Labor Day.