Our Town Cozad: 4 Generations of Dentists

Every now and then you'll hear about a father/son dentist duo working in the same office. But rarely will you hear about 3 generations of dentists from the same family. And almost never will you come across of a four generation family of dentists.

Until of course, you visit Our Town Cozad. The Hecox's have been providing quality dental care to the people of Dawson County for the past century.

It all got started back in 1910, when Rexford Hecox was a member of the first dental class ever to graduate from Creighton University. After graduating from Creighton, the original Dr. Hecox moved to Cozad and opened a dental practice.

In the early 60's, Rexford invited his son Fred to take over his office after practicing dentistry for half a century.

In the early 80's, and it came time for Fred to welcome in the 3rd generation of Hecox dentists. Mike says, "I never even gave it any thought, this is where I wanted to come. I liked the community. I like the setting, it's a good place to raise a family."

And that family included the 4th generation of Hecox dentist. Since he was 4 years old, Ashton had an inkling that he would grow up and become a dentist just like his great grandpa, his grandpa and his dad. Ashton joined his father mike in 20-12.

Mike says, "It's a dream come true. I think every father looks to have his son come back and practice with him or farm with him or whatever, this is home."

Ashton enjoys learning from his father, "I feel like his 30 odd years of experience have really accelerated my learning and rubbed off on me and I'm more progressed than I typically would be without a great mentor like him."