Our Town Cozad: Bella Italia Restaurant

Shadi Aboushady became a chef in his native Italy. In 1980, he moved across the Atlantic Ocean to New York City.

After 22 years of cooking in NYC, he met a lovely Nebraska lady that would change his world in a major way.

Shadi spent 2 decades cooking at five star restaurants in New
York City. Along the way, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani become a big fan of Shadi's food. Shadi says, "I used to cook for him. He liked good food too, he was Italian originally, y'know."

You'll hear the word fresh a lot in Shadi's kitchen, "We cook everything fresh from the start." And Shadi doesn't mind spending a little extra to import ingredients from overseas.

Becky is not from overseas...she's from Nebraska. And she's also the reason this talented chef wound up in Dawson County, "I was just dining at a restaurant in New York that he was the chef at and he came out like he normally does here and talks to people and we were just talking and there was a little spark and we just started emailing back and forth. One thing led to another and we got married."

Shadi and Becky agreed to live in Nebraska after they got married and they opened Bella Italia Restaurant and Pizzeria in 2003.

Bella Italia is open for business 4 nights a week, Wednesday thru Saturday from 5 to 9pm, and if you'd like to join Shadi and Becky on the weekends, reservations are recommended.