Our Town Cozad: Feedyard Foodie

The list of people that grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida and then moved to Cozad, Nebraska is pretty short.

But regardless, Anne Burkholder is a proud member of that elite group. She went from the city to the farm and became 'The Feedyard Foodie.' Anne was a competitive swimmer, went to college to swim and to learn. I went to Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. I also like to laugh that the best thing that I found at Dartmouth was my husband Matt."

Like Anne, Matt was a long way from home, "Matt was a farm boy from Cozad, went to Cozad High School and went to Dartmouth to play football and run track."

Anne and Matt got married in 1996. Anne explains, "We made the decision when we got finished with school in New Hampshire that we wanted to come back to the farm. We wanted to raise our family in a small community. We wanted them to understand where their food came from."

Anne is now the president and manager of Will Feed Incorporated, "I'm the boss lady."

Anne majored in psychology at Dartmouth, "Quite honestly, I use psychology quite a bit at the cattle feedyard, both managing my employees and also obviously with my animals."

Anne says that she finds cattle fascinating, "It's very interesting for me to study them and to understand the way that they think so that we can reduce stress on them, make them as comfortable as possible and give the best welfare as possible when they're here in the feedyard."

Anne is pleased that she's been able to thrive in what has traditionally been a man's world, "I don't know if I'd call myself a pioneer. Certainly, when I moved here in the mid 1990's there weren't very many ladies working in feedyards. Today, there's quite a few. I hope that I'm a mentor to people, I'm not sure I've done anything revolutionary."

Check out Anne's business at http://feedyardfoodie.wordpress.com