Our Town Cozad: Food Pantry

The idea for a community food pantry in Our Town Cozad was born back in 1984.

A group of citizens formed the Cozad Emergency Action Committee. And that committee, along with the United Way, has been supporting those in need with food for the past 30 years.

Ted Thomas was a member of the original Emergency Action Committee. He's now is the manager of the Cozad Food Pantry, "We have a saying, we would rather give food to 5 people that don't deserve it than to miss one that does deserve it."

Ted says the number of families reaping the benefits of the Food Pantry has grown steadily over the years, "The number of households in 2008 was 38 in the 1st quarter of that year."

In the first quarter of 2014 that number had grown from 38 to 159 households.

Bonnie Powell is in charge of keeping the shelves stocked, "It's actually very important, we feed a lot of people that wouldn't normally be able to buy groceries. I also work in a grocery store, so I understand that a little more too."

Each deserving family can stop by the Food Pantry in the old train depot once every two months

Along with funding from the United Way, the Cozad Food Pantry is supplemented annually by a large number of citizens.

In addition to helping out people in Cozad, the Food Pantry also serves the towns of Eustis and Farnam.