Our Town Cozad: The Teal Lotus Project

Tasia Aden has a story to tell and it's while it isn't always easy to hear, it is important.

These are the kinds of stories we don't want to believe take place in our Nebraska towns...but they do.

And brave young survivors like Tasia are helping abuse victims recover.

Tasia was just 4 years old when she first recalls being sexually abused, "I felt ashamed, t was a relative that did that to me...it was my grandfather who did that to me."

That abuse lasted 7 years until she was 11 years old. And then, the nightmare continued in 2004, "When I went to college when I was 20 it was my sophomore year and my ex-boyfriend, he sexually assaulted me in my apartment."

Tasia had been raped. "That was incredibly hard for me too. I quit school. Just to get out of that situation."

Tasia moved back to Cozad the summer after she quit school, "That's when I met my now husband at a street dance here in Cozad and I had no intention of dating or meeting anybody."

But fate had another plan, "He was the beginning of my recovery, honestly, if I really think about it."

Still living with both of her terrifying secrets locked inside her, Tasia was motivated to seek treatment after the birth of her second child, "I realized that I needed to talk about this with somebody and to be the best mom and mother and wife that I could be I needed to go ahead and start reaching out."

Tasia began therapy just a few weeks after her son Rider was born in 2010, "It was pretty intense." And it worked. Tasia soon founded The Teal Lotus Project, "I had a dream that I started an organization."

Through The Teal Lotus Project, Tasia has encouraged other victims to tell their stories and seek the inner peace that she now enjoys, "I thought it was important for other people to know this is not your shame to hold."

Over the past 4 years, she has helped 17 sexual abuse survivors seek therapy that they could not have otherwise afforded.