Our Town Cozad: Thrift Store

Way back in 1972, Pastor Bud Isreal's heart was touched as he dropped his daughters off at the Cozad Elementary School.

Pastor Isreal discovered that many of the children going into the school did not have adequate clothing.

The First United Methodist Church changed all that...42 years ago.

The Cozad Thrift Stores is a very valuable resource in downtown Cozad. The consistent lines of shoppers waiting to get in are a testament to that.

Rain or shine, there are always shoppers anxious to enter.

Ardyce Dickey has been volunteering at the Thrift Store for the past 8 years, "I think it's a wonderful opportunity for the people of Cozad and the surrounding area to come and find clothing and other items they might need."

Ardyce says the support system of people donating items the Thrift Store is outstanding, "If you could see our back room right now you would see it overflowing."

Cheryl Kauffman has been involved with the Thrift Store for the past 3 decade, "We just go day by day. I mean everything is donated in here and we're very thankful for that the community is really supporting this."

Cheryl says more than 50 volunteers are involved in managing this mission, "We just go by faith everyday that we'll see enough to pay a bill."

The Cozad Thrift Store is open three days a week: Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 1 to 4:30pm.