Our Town Holdrege: Allmand Brothers

When most people hear "Allman Brothers"...they think of the rock and roll band, but around Our Town Holdrege that name makes them think big business and great jobs.

Allmand Brothers Incorporated is celebrating 76 years in the manufacturing business.

And they are now under the third generation of Allmand family leadership.

It was the late 1930's and Leslie and Walter Allmand were living in tiny Huntley, Nebraska, 20 miles south of Holdrege.

In the midst of The Great Depression and unable to afford a new arc welder for their repair shop, the brothers build their own. It worked so well that their neighbors asked the Allmand brothers to build welders for them. The business was born and soon moved to Holdrege.

Roger Allmand and his brother Steve ran the family business for many years and they've since handed the reigns over to a third generation of Allmands. Steve says, "It's been really fun in just about every way and I think it's a little bit unusual that families third and fourth generation or even 2nd generation work well, it gets pretty complex with spouses and kids and so forth."

Third generation CEO Brad Allmand says it's an honor to uphold the great family tradition, "Obviously, we have a strong past and a lot of good principles laid down through the decades really."

More than 200 employees work hard at manufacturing 3 main products, a portable floodlighting unit, a portable heating unit and a flashing arrow board trailer.

Brad says Allmand Brothers has come a long way since the 1930's, We've marketed our products all over the world." He adds that Allmand Brothers products can be found in more than 50 countries around the globe.