Our Town Holdrege Hospital Improvements

The CEO at Phelps Memorial Health Center has officially retired his construction helmet. After 3 years of renovation and new building, the construction crews have moved on and Phelps Memorial is open and ready to continue providing quality health care to South Central Nebraska.

With new additions and renovations totaling more than 127,000 sq. feet, Phelps Memorial has a lot to offer.

CEO Mark Harrel is excited about the improvements to Phelps Memorial, "We increased the number of OR's from 2 to 4, state of the art, and now we do spine surgeries here at Phelps and we also do a tremendous amount of orthopedic surgeries as well and we bring specialists in from across the country."

All of the upgrading of the facilities had a big impact on Jon McClymont's desire to return home to Holdrege after pharmacy school, "Anytime you're looking at a place that's got a pharmacy like this and the pharmacy is incredibly modern for a critical access hospital , 25 bed hospital. They've got a lot of neat design here in the pharmacy."

Allen Olson is a medical technologist that has been employed at this hospital since it opened in 1968. Allen has seen a lot of changes over the past 46 years, but one thing has remained the same, "The most impressive part of Phelps Memorial then and now is our providing exceptional quality, compassionate care, right here."

With 240 employees, Phelps Memorial Health Center is one of the largest employers in Our Town Holdrege.