Our Town Holdrege: The Future Fund

The Future Fund was formed in 2006 and each year since then, it has continued to make it's mark in Our Town Holdrege and the surrounding area.

This energetic group of young Phelps County citizens is continuing the tradition of community growth through visionary leadership and philanthropy.

Erin Sandy was a charter member of the Future Fund, "It's been really exciting, we finally figured out what works."

A group that started with 12 members in 2006 has grown to more than 130 members over the past 8 years. Erin says, "You can come and go as you please, you can be as involved as you like."

The Future Fund is interested in enhancing the quality of life in Phelps County through collective action.

Each of the members pays dues of just $10 a month. Those funds get matched by mentors, then they are able to take the interest from their money along with the dues and that is the grantable amount each year.

Brian Borden and Holdrege Public Schools has benefited greatly from future fund grants, "It's just a great organization because they're willing to help anyway they can with the funds and it doesn't matter the amount really."

Jeremy Ham and his industrial arts classed at Holdrege High also received future fund grant money, "It was a really easy process and they granted the funds and we were able to purchase the machine that we normally would not be able to purchase."

Erin says by pooling the members' resources, the group hopes to make a significant impact on the communities while exposing its members to the philanthropic process, "I think it's amazing. I mean it's unheard of and once you get inside of it and see the impact you're making. We were able to grant almost every grant that was requested last year. We were almost able to do a hundred percent."

From Funk to Bertrand, any non-profit organization in Phelps County is eligible for future fund grants. Erin adds, "It's just a great way for us at our age and our point in life to impact all of Phelps County and help all of the surrounding areas."

In 2013, the Future Fund granted $10,000 to non-profit organizations. And this year, because of one day fund-raising event called, "Give to Grow," the Future Fund has the potential to triple that amount.