Our Town Holdrege: The Tassel

The Tassel Performing Arts Center in Our Town Holdrege is a stunning reminder that incredible things can happen when people choose to work together.

It began as a dream in the 1970's and became a reality in the 1990's.

The Tassel was gifted to Holdrege Public Schools in 1999.

Pat Underwood has been the director at The Tassel for the past 3 years, "I think the Tassel Performing Arts Center is very important to the community. They built this from the ground up themselves. It's all based on private donations and it was put together by people who believe that the performing arts should stay alive in a community, that it was important to have a vibrant culture within the community that people could reach easily."

The Tassel is a top-notch facility that features a hometown flair, "All of the art in the lobby of The Tassel was created by local artists."

In addition to the beautiful artwork, Pat says the spacious auditorium comfortably seats 832 people, "There are two very large speakers on either side of the balcony and 4 large speakers on either side of the stage and the acoustics are wonderful. There's not a bad seat in the house."

Sue Waller is a member of The Tassel Coordination Council, "Music history goes back many, many years in Holdrege. We have a program that was put together about even Glenn Miller and some of those people came to Holdrege and performed at the City Auditorium."

Sue says the demand for quality entertainment in Holdrege was great, "Plus, it's used by the high school and grade school in the Holdrege Public School system and there's also surrounding schools that come here for music things and quiz bowls."

And The Tassel Performing Arts Series features 6 to 7 shows a year, many of them featuring classical music. Pat is in charge of lining up acts, "We try to push the edges of that a little bit and try to attract a broader audience, more of the general public by not doing totally straight classical. We hope that the general public will come more and see how great classical music can be, but we also try to do theatre and some offbeat things sometimes."

The next big show at The Tassel will take place in mid-March, when a group from St. Louis called the Arianna String Quartet will perform on March 16th. And then the final show of the season will take place on April, 11th as a division of the Paul Taylor Dance Company will hit the tassel stage."