Our Town Kearney: Dominant Track Program

It's startling, but it's true. The Kearney High School boys track team has not lost a regular season meet since 1993.

That means they have won a national record 122 meets in a row and beaten more than a thousand teams in the process.

Kearney High School receiving the top class a trophy at the state track meet has become common event over the past two decades. Jake Havranek says, "We got fired up and we got it done. It's great, we have such the big dynasty, it's great to be a part of that it definitely gives you a lot of motivation."

This past May, Kearney High won their 15th class a state track championship over the past 20 years. Luke McNitt says, "We take a lot of pride as a team for carrying on the tradition of Kearney High track, just pass it on to the juniors and underclassmen below us."

And the person responsible for creating this tremendous track tradition is Roger Mathiesen. He's been at the helm since 1980, "I just have a philosophy about coaching and it's just getting a lot of guys out and don't ever give up on a guy."

Guys like Cody Wirth, who takes a lot of pride in winning against the largest schools in the state, "Just the fact that we're little 'ol Kearney and still we're able to compete with Omaha teams, Lincoln teams, all those bigger schools every meet, meet after meet and we still can compete with them and beat them."

The Bearcats have been the state champs or runners up 21 of the past 26 years and from 1994 to 2004 Kearney won 11 straight state championships, the next best streak in the state is 3. Coach Mathiesen says, "We've had since I've been here 127 individual state champions or state runner ups, but for me, a lot of us probably look at the national record winning streak, winning 122 meets in a row and not having lost a meet during the season since 1993, we haven't lost a district meet since those days either."