Our Town Norfolk: Nursing Programs Unite

The people of Northeast Nebraska spoke out and said we need to develop quality nurses and we need them to stay in the area.

The answer to the problem was the collaboration of the nursing school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the nursing school at Northeast Community College.

Caleb Nicolay is enrolled in the UNMC College of Nursing, "There's a lot of people that I knew going through my generals at Northeast that were applying for both programs. So definitely there's a big need and a lot of want to do it so I think they're doing a good job of bringing everybody in showin' that this place is awesome."

Carlie Assarsson is a Northeast Community College student who is very pleased with the partnership that has been in place since 2010, "UNMC and Northeast we get along pretty well and we see each other in the clinicals and we work well together and and I mean as far as studying there's things that they touch on and cover that we may not and so we help each other out there too."

Liane Connely is an Assistant Dean with UNMC and she feels bringing these two programs together is a perfect fit, "I think that the two programs had vision in their ability to see the future of nursing and where nursing is going and the delivery of health care to individuals in our country."

Karen Weidner is the director of nursing at Northeast Community College and she says two very good nursing programs came together to make one great partnership, "It is very exciting. Without the support of the community the nursing program at Northeast Community College would be somewhat restricted in the equipment and the resources that we would have available to students. But with the development of this partnership we have state of the art equipment that was purchased for use in a state of the art building on the Northeast campus."