Our Town Norfolk: Youth Philanthropy Contest

The Philanthropy Council of Northeast Nebraska was founded in Our Town Norfolk two years ago. The goal of the council was to create a culture of giving.

One of the first major projects of the Philanthropy Council was to create a way to get kids involved in giving. They came up with the Youth Philanthropy Contest. And this past year, a group of students at Jefferson Elementary School showed Northeast Nebraska what caring kids are all about.

At Jefferson School, the philanthropic spirit is alive and well. Ella Smith is proof positive of that, "You can help people no matter how young or old you are."

These children pitched in to help those less fortunate with a project they called "Jefferson Bears of Care." Their teacher, Mandy Wolff just knew they were more than capable of competing in the Youth Philanthropy Contest, "It was all their idea and quite honestly, they nailed it, they did a wonderful job."

Tammy Day is one of the founders of the Philanthropy Council in Norfolk and she says the Youth Philanthropy Contest gets kids excited about giving, "We knew that if we were creating a culture of giving we needed to engage the next generation of givers and we talk a lot about engaging youth and wanting them to feel like they're a part of this place and the Youth Philanthropy Contest gave them a real hands-on way to participate in a project that had meaning and was beneficial to their community."

Tammy says applications for the 2013 Youth Philanthropy Contest are currently available on the Philanthropy Council website...http://philanthropycouncilne.org

The contest is open to anyone from kindergarten to age 25 that is wanting to make a difference in their own backyard.