Our Town Schuyler: 50 Years of Wrestling

This winter has marks the 50th anniversary of the wrestling program at Schuyler high school. Roger Barry came down to Schuyler from Neligh in 1963 to start the Warrior wrestling program.

Roger and his wife Sheryl have watched a lot of Schuyler wrestlers over the past half century. And they're both very proud to have started such a successful program.

Starting with Roger, there have only been 3 coaches in the programs 50-year history. It feels pretty good, since the current coach was one of my wrestlers." His name is Jim Kasik and he took over for Schuyler coach number two, Larry McGowan.

Coach Kasik says, "It's a great honor to come back to coach at your high school and a lot of people you know are here and it's just a rich tradition that I'm glad to be a part of."

And Kasik says that rich tradition gets stronger every year, "It's pretty evident when we have an alumni gathering and you see people come back from not only locally, but from different states and sit down and tell some of the stories that they still remember. It's pretty obvious to see the impact Coach Barry has had on a lot of people hopefully we've been able to keep that tradition going."