Our Town Schuyler: Benedictine Mission House

The Benedictine Mission House has been located in Our Town Schuyler for nearly 80 years. It was established in 1935 as a home for monks to work on missions around the world. Today, it's larger and more impressive than ever.

Father Mauritius Wilde says, "We call ourselves Missionary Benedictines, this is our name so we are Benedictines who lead a contemplative life, a life of prayer."

Father Wilde is one of 9 monks that lives on the beautiful campus located 4 miles north of Schuyler, "We are a monastery, so at this place there are 9 monks living. And what we do basically, is we pray 5 times a day and we work in different fields in our ministry."

Father Wilde says the Mission House is divided up into 3 main areas, "Our main ministry is St. Benedict Retreat Center for people who are seeking peace and silence and basically God, so we offer hospitality. The second mission is fund raising for poverty stricken areas around the world. For those monasteries in Africa, but also Asia and South America who are poor and live together with very poor people we raise funds. The third mission is to help undocumented people in America. Mainly Hispanics, when they have legal problems to immigrate into this country."

Brother Damian Cayetano says the history of the Benedictine Mission dates back to the 1800's, "Now we're on 5 continents throughout the world and 20 different countries."