Our Town Schuyler: Born to Fly

If it's a vehicle, and it's radio controlled, there's a good chance Scott Dubsky has either operated it or will eventually operate it. Scott loves all things remote controlled. And that's something he learned from his dad Dennis.

Scott was hooked from the beginning. As they say, like father like son. Dennis Dubsky got started flying radio controlled planes in the 60's, "When I started building these radio controlled airplanes there was nobody around to ask how to do it."

Dennis passed along his love of flying to his son, "I tell ya, he's taken it to a level I never drempt about."

Scott has been flying remote controlled planes and helicopters for the past 40 years, "It takes a few years to get the feel of flying and you work your way to helicopters which is the hardest that's behind me right now to accomplish because of all the controls."

Even after 40 years of flying, Scott still loves it, "You mentally have to prepare yourself for it and you got to have a clear mind. It's relaxing."

For this 51 year old, building is just as much fun as flying, "When you get started, my problem is I just can't walk away from it and I'll stay up every night and just keep at it until I get it done because it's so exciting to get finished."

Kim Bayer is a childhood friend of Scott's, "He and I grew up together. We had the same interests." And most of those interests had to do with flying, "We have a very good time flying we really do, we enjoy it."

Scott and Kim are currently the only RC fliers in Schuyler, but Scott says over the years, he's flown with clubs in Lincoln, Omaha, Norfolk and Grand Island."