Our Town Schuyler: Elementary School Excels

The Schuyler Elementary School is very unique in the state of Nebraska. In kindergarten through fifth grade, the school is home to nearly 800 students, and 9 out of 10 of those students are Hispanic.

Co-Principal Bill Comley says, "That was one of the biggest challenges starting is language and race is not an excuse. Everybody was born the same, everybody grows up the same here we are. We're about 94% percent Hispanic, and about 86% free and reduced lunches, we've definitely got our challenges we have succeeded."

Co-Principal Darli Verba says not a word of Spanish is taught in her school, "We all learn side by side at Schuyler Elementary. We don't separate any classes like you need to go to an English language learning class, everybody learns together and everybody's just focused on one target, our kids will be successful."

And that success is evident in their test scores. Comley says, "Looking at the state accountability tests, we're required to take this test every year. Last year's third grade, our math scores were 90% and reading was 86%. In comparison to the state average of 72% of math and 77% for reading. The state of Nebraska is primarily a caucasion state and I think with the diversity we have had it's outstanding."

Verba says a lot of the credit for those high scores goes to the teachers, "It's a lot of hard work, a lot of time spent before and after school."