Our Town Schuyler: The Food Pantry Provides

The Schuyler Food Pantry is proof positive that there are a lot of caring people in Our Town Schuyler. More than 15 years ago, the Ministerial Association formed the food pantry as it is today.

Bill Mattfeld is that pastor for both Trinity Lutheran and Immanuel Lutheran and he says each of the churches that are affiliated with the Ministerial Association are involved in maintaining the food supply, "There's six churches, so we each have two months of a year where we accept donations from our churches and we accept call from people who are in need."

Make no mistake, the caring people responsible for running this food pantry will go to great lengths to make sure the citizens of Schuyler are being taken care of, "We help with food, when they ask we help with produce and meat and dairy, we help with utilities, we help with gas bills and we help with rent, on a one-time basis for people who are in need."

Pastor Bill says November and December were busy months as the food panty helped more that 125 people. He adds that this project wouldn't be possible without the generous support of the people of Schuyler, "We're pretty well stocked now. There was a time when we were short but the community has been real supportive of us."

Pastor Bill sees very vivid signs all the time of just how important the food pantry is to Schuyler, "For one thing, it's got an influx of new people and they come here and some of them come here with nothing. So it's important."

During Lent, each of the six churches will host a short program called "Meal and Mediation* at the senior center.

The gatherings take place on Thursdays during Lent at noon and the funds they gather are split between the senior center and the food pantry.