More Than 100 Dogs Rescued From South Dakota Puppy Mills

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Hearts United for Animals, a non-profit organization in Auburn, NE rescued 117 dogs from two puppy mills in South Dakota.

Rescuers made the seven hour drive to northern South Dakota several times.

The dogs had parasites, infections, and injuries when they were taken from the puppy mills.

Some were even stained with urine. It was so bad that even after several baths, the yellow on their coats is not coming out.

Director Lori Hook says the dogs are going to the vet and taking medicine. She estimates the vet costs will be nearly $20,000.

Hearts United for Animals is taking donations from anyone who would like to help out with the vet costs for the 85 dogs at the organization. The remaining dogs were taken to other organizations that stepped up to help out.

Directors say the owners of the puppy mills voluntarily gave them up and no authorities were involved.