Overgrown Grass Complaints Up This Year

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- Mowing the lawn is routine for many people. However, many properties in Lincoln and Lancaster County have tall grass and weeds.

Weed Control Superintendent Brent Meyer says complaints are way up this year already. Meyer says they've already had over 600 complaints so far.

Weed Control has done over 2,000 inspections on 1,500 different properties. How quickly they take care of an issue can sometimes depend on how someone files their complaint.

Meyer adds that more and more people are using the internet now. He says it's also become faster to use the Lincoln Action Center App which allows people to take a picture of an overgrown property and send it in with the complaint.

Many of the complaints also received are because of foreclosures where the grass and weeds grow during the transition period between the owner moving out and the bank taking over.

Weed Control did over 300 forced controls last year. This means the owner failed to clean-up the property so Weed Control took the matter into their own hands.

Meyer says they usually get 20 to 30 complaints a day from residents about their neighbor's yards.