P!NK Concert at Pinnacle Bank Arena Sells Out

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When Pink comes to Lincoln in November, she'll be playing to a packed room.

It took roughly ten minutes to sell the more than 14,000 tickets on Ticketmaster.

Kim Ringo-Bright, Manager of Buzzard Billy's in the Haymarket, says she'll be treating it like a “mini” Husker game day.

"You know bring staff in early,” said Ringo-Bright. “We expect it to be similar to game days where people come in before and after the event so we're ready!"

She was excited to hear how quickly tickets sold out.

Manager of the Pinnacle Bank Arena Tom Lorenz says the sellout shows how Nebraskans are anxious to see what the arena has to offer.

Construction is still going on, but it should be done by early September.

"I would be silly to say we're going to sell out every show, but I think we're going to be very strong for a long time," said Lorenz.

Pink is the first of many big names who will make their way Lincoln, and Lorenz says the quick sellout will attract even more artists to the city.

"There's probably no one hotter right now in the Pop world than Pink, and other bands will pay attention to that. We'll see more and more bands making calls for next year because of this."

It will also bring in more customers from out of town.

"We think we have people from all over Nebraska coming to this. We see a lot of people from a lot of zip codes that come in, and we hope to draw from all those different areas,” said Lorenz.

The next show to go on sale is scheduled for September 13th.

They will be announcing who is playing and when you can start buying tickets in May.