Police Investigating Child Enticement Near Lakeview Elementary

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Lincoln Police are investigating a reported child enticement that happened around 8:35 Monday morning.

Capt. Jim Davidsaver told 10/11 News the 9-year-old girl was walking to Lakeview Elementary when a black man sitting in a car yelled to her through the passenger window.

Capt. Davidsaver said the man told the girl to "get in the car."

The girl said she then yelled "no" and ran to the school. She immediately told a teacher about the incident.

Police said school officials then called Lincoln Police.

Capt. Davidsaver said officers who responded to the call searched the area, but were not able to find the man.

He added the girl reported the man was in a black car and may have been wearing a red coat.

The girl told 10/11 News that the man also had a tattoo on his hand.

Capt. Davidsaver said the 9-year-old did exactly what she should have by running away and reporting the incident to an adult.

Lakeview Elementary Principal Scott Nelson said teachers routinely instruct students who to respond to incidents like Monday's. He said he is very proud of how the student's response to the encounter.