Parents Online Role Models For Children

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Today's kids spend so much time on the internet- it's where they get information for school, it's where they play games and it's where they interact with friends.

Now, parents are role models not only in the real world, but in the cyber one as well.

You may tell your kids not to push on the playground or call names, but when it comes to the internet, bullying can be just as harmful.

"I think with social media when hot button topics come up people do engage a lot more because they don't have to look people in the face," said Becky Wacker, a social media expert from Norfolk.

Wacker gives seminars across Nebraska to parents and kids about social media use. She encourages parents to make sure they know what their kids are doing online.

"Just learn the basics of twitter, go on there, and I guarantee you're going to learn something about your child that you didn't know," said Wacker.

But monitoring your kids may not be enough.

"It's important for us to show our kids the best practices of social media," she said.

Wacker worries parents don't realize what they say goes - at home and online.

"I think being a role model has changed with social media. Parents concentrate at home on saying the right thing - teaching them chores, teaching them the way to be, and then turning onto social media and they open arguments and they comment negatively. As a parent you have to be consistent," said Wacker.

She said when young kids log on - parents need to remind them, "have a conversation that there are people on the other side of the smartphone. And they need to remember that. Words hurt more on social media because it's public."

Face to face isn't the only kind of bullying.