Many Day Cares Closed Leave Parents Scrambling

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- After Lincoln Public School announced they were closing schools on Wednesday, many day cares followed. Which left working parents scrambling to find a place for their children.

Suzann Butler, a manager at a local plant and mother of a 4-year old, had to stay home and take a vacation day. Though it was far from a vacation.

"What I do is when I play with him, I have my work e-mail up so I can keep up with everything at work," said Butler.

She says that the closings were such short notice, work meetings that were planned in advance had to still be taken care of.

Not all day cares in Lincoln were closed, and those who were open said they were busy. The Highlands Academy in North West Lincoln says the are open regardless of weather to accommodate parents who need it the most.

"Here at highlands, we believe that high quality child care is being able to provide child care especially on days like this because we understand that not all parents get the day off," said Lead Teacher at Highlands, Japheth Wheeler.

As for Butler, she is considering different options, especially when the weather is like this again in the future.

"If there is one close by, I would consider that as my options."