New Machine Paints Yellow Stripes on Lincoln's Trails

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- If you walk or bike on one of Lincoln's 77 miles worth of trails, you may have noticed some new yellow lines. It's painted by a new machine from the Lincoln Park and Recreation Department called the Graco Line Lazor.

The machine came to the department about a month ago and inside the paint are tiny glass particles to reflect during the day when the sun is shining on it and at night when a light is shining towards it.

"We put this glass bead in, for a little reflection at night, on the trail, on the yellow lines so when the light hits it, it reflects and you see you're still on the trail," said Bill Lasienks from the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department.

Lasienks says since they don't have to push the machine anymore to paint the yellow strips, it's easier on the legs.

This machine costs around $10,000. Lasienks says about 70-percent of the trails are completed.