Party Chairmen In Heated Debate At News Conference

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Nebraska Democrats held a news conference Tuesday to discuss, what they call, voter irregularities; however, the situation quickly escalated when the Chairman of the Nebraska Republican Party spoke up.

According to the Nebraska Democratic Party, there were two cases where voters received a pre-filled out ballot. Douglas County Election Commissioner Dave Phipps confirms a single case at Clair Memorial United Methodist Church at 55th and Ames.

Phipps said the ballot was mistakenly left in the aluminum privacy sleeve by a worker who thought it had emptied. Phipps said the incident was an honest mistake and added there was no "voter irregularity."

Mark Fahleson, with the Nebraska Republican Party, attended the news conference to discuss an incident where a voter received a "voter suppression" call. He said a Republican voter received a call with misinformation about returning early voting ballots. The call was allegedly designed to keep the Republican voter from casting his ballot.

The Chairmen of the two respective political parties ended up in an exchange of words that suggests there is a little tension on Election Day.