People at City Mission Grateful for Free Easter Meal

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Being away from family is a common connection for many people who stay at the People's City Mission in Lincoln.

"I don't really have a whole lot of family here," said City Mission Resident Dexter McGrigg.

It can make a holiday like Easter Sunday seem less special, but on Sunday those people got a free meal thanks to Davinci's. Even getting a ride to and from the restaurant.

"The people I know here, I'm pretty sure it means a lot to them and it means a lot to me to have Easter Sunday with people I know," said McGrigg.

"They're always excited about it and very grateful for it, a good meal, lots of fellowship," said Steve Uetrecht Director of the City Mission Medical Clinic.

Having spent over a decade's worth of Easter Holidays helping those less fortunate celebrate Easter, Steve Uetrecht sees first hand the importance of allowing people at the City Mission to get out and spend the holiday with others in the community.

"It kind of keeps their connection to the rest of the world, they have a meal with people who are like them, but live in different parts of the community," said Uetrecht.

For Dexter and dozens of others at the mission, it means they are not alone in trying to get back on their feet.