Hundreds Find Shelter From the Cold in Lincoln

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The drastic dip in temperatures may have you huddled at home under a mountain of blankets.

But, for most of Lincoln's homeless population that's a luxury they just don't have.

Ralph and Taurus Hoffman and their children spend some nights in a hotel room. When money gets tight, there's no hotel for them to go home to.

"You want to get somewhere, stand on your feet," Taurus Hoffman said.

Low temperatures combined with low cash flow create for high anxiety.

"When you have kids, kids ask you so many questions, like why you're here," Taurus Hoffman said. "It really just makes you really nervous and you don't know how to answer that."

For now, they don't need to worry.

"Me and my wife and our four children are very blessed to be here," Ralph Hoffman said. "We're out of the cold."

The People's City Mission is a place where they can share the heat, giving hundreds like the Hoffman's a place to sleep and grab a warm meal out of the cold.

"I'm guessing maybe 350 or 380 guys and women and kids here," Pastor Tom Barber of the PCM said.

And, he welcomes them all with open arms.

"When it gets cold, we want everybody in," Barber said. "We don't want anybody sleeping on the streets at all. We encourage everybody to come on in and we'll make room for everyone."

It's something the Hoffman's are grateful for.

"They will not turn you down. They will not turn you around," Ralph Hoffman said. "They will open their arms and welcome you into their home."