People's City Mission Lays Off Eight Employees

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A local charitable organization is forced to cut back in order to continue serving those in need.

The People's City Mission has laid off eight people.

Officials with the Mission say the free walk-in health clinic has been operating in the red for several years, and they'd been covering the cost with money from their foundation.

But finally, costs had to be cut so the Mission could break even.

The health clinic is expected to serve 15,000 people this year, at a cost of up to $300,000.

Pastor Tom Barber says it was a really tough decision to lay off the eight employees, but it was either cut the people or cut the programs.

Barber says no programs will be eliminated, but everyone around the Mission will have to work a little harder to make up the slack.

He says all the people who were laid off were friends and good employees and if their financial fortunes suddenly turned around, everyone would be hired back.