People's City Mission Opens Doors To Everyone

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The People's City Mission is opening it's doors to everyone during the bitter cold.

They say donations are down this time of year and need is up.

"Everyone comes in during cold weather," said Pastor Tom Barber. "So we have to add a lot of extra staff, we have to watch for fights so it gets a little bit more hectic."

The People's City Mission welcomes it's extra residents openly. Leonard Griffin has been staying there for almost 2 months.

"It's not bad, it's what you make it," said Griffin. "You can make it a good place until you get on your feet."

Leonard is one of hundreds who will be spending the night at the mission, but there are still those out in the cold.

"I do worry about them," said Griffin. "I do try to call detox so they can come and get them so they won't die in the cold."

Extra residents at the mission means extra costs.

"Giving tends to go down in January, February, March," said Pastor Tom. "So for us, it's kind of the perfect storm. Giving slacks off a little bit and the need goes up."

During the winter medical costs add up.

"We have 350 people, most without cars, who have to walk around in the cold weather," said Pastor Tom. "Today its below zero, you can get frostbite and hypothermia."

About 98% of the mission's budget comes from community donations. Pastor Tom says there are many ways the public can help.

"Come down, spend a day," said Pastor Tom. "When we get help we don't have to hire people. It's a really big help when people just volunteer, serve a meal."

To find out how you can help you can log on to the mission's website at
or call (402) 475-1303