People's City Mission's Health Clinic Is Largest in Nation

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"You can do more with volunteers than people could ever imagine," said the People's City Mission's Pastor Tom Barber.

It's that spirit of giving back that makes the People's City Mission's Free Health Clinic the largest in the country.

"We are having Doctors and medical practitioners and people that practice medicine care for and for free give their time and in that process we've had such success. We've seen over eleven thousand patients last year," said Barber.

Doctor Sabyasachi Mahapatra, Director of The Nebraska Heart Institute, volunteers his time to run the clinic, giving up a hefty salary to give back.

"I just wanted to do it because this is really a necessity and even in a place like Lincoln there are thousands of people without insurance or homeless and they don't have any place to go."

Seven examination rooms, a dental clinic, dermatology capability, an eye clinic, mental health help, and other medical services are available at the clinic. Doctors will see twelve thousand patients this year.

"Those are some staggering numbers and it's really starting to put a dent in the healthcare needs of the city and we're doing it for free," said Barber.

The closest free clinic in terms of numbers is in the Bronx, New York. It served 8,000 patients last year but charged $50 per visit. The People's City Mission's Clinic is always completely free.