Perfect Timing helps Officers Nab Burglary Suspect Moments After Crime

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Lincoln Police were in the right place at the right time and looking for someone else, when a burglary suspect walked up to them, moments after committing the theft.

According to police, about 1:00 a.m. Saturday, a man ran from a traffic stop in the Horizon Inn parking lot near Northwest 12th and Interstate 80.

Several officers surrounded the area, setting up a perimeter to contain the suspect as a K-9 followed his track.

About 1:15, some alert neighbors spotted a different man, 31-year-old Timothy Washington, acting suspicious. The neighbors said that because problems stemming out of a nearby bar, each Friday and Saturday night, they keep an extra eye out for anything unusual.

The neighbors told 10/11 News they spotted Washington walk down an alley in the 2500 block of W. Nance, until he saw two men outside in their back yard. Washington then circled back around and entered the front of that same house while the men were still in back.

The neighbors said Washington was inside for a while but flew out the front door, carrying a laptop computer and had two men hot on his heels. The neighbors said Washington was fast and the two men quickly lost sight of him as he fled south towards Northwest 12th.

Lincoln Police said Washington was spotted coming out of some trees onto NW 12th Street. Officers thought he was a close match to the recent reported burglary just blocks from their perimeter so they stopped him under the Interstate 80 overpass.

Washington was found to have items from the house in his pockets as well as a laptop discovered near where he came out of the woods.

Police say he was positively identified by witnesses.

Officers at the scene said they think he dropped off the laptop after seeing all the police cars with lights on.

Washington was arrested for burglary and lodged in the Lancaster County Jail.

The man who fled police from the traffic stop has been identified as Travis Williams. He was found about the same time Washington was taken into custody.