Pet Owner Wants to Raise Awareness for Hit-and-Run Accidents

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- Late Saturday evening two dogs escaped their home near Downtown Lincoln. Owner, Malinda Cole said they were victims of a hit and run. One dog is dead, the other needs surgery.

Thursday, Cole is asking for people involved in similar accidents to step up and take responsibility.

“Roxy was sitting with her dead brother,” said Cole.

According to Cole, the loss and condition of her other dog has been unbearable, and she hopes to raise awareness for people facing similar situations.

Animal Control said Cole’s dogs were hit by a passing car and were found Monday morning.

“I can’t believe someone hit my dog,” said Cole. “They’re not small dogs, they knew they hit my dog.”

Cole believes the accident happened near Vine Street and Antelope Valley Parkway, only four blocks from her home. She adds that she does not blame the driver, she only wishes they would have made a phone call, telling someone the dogs had been hurt.

“It’s not [people’s] fault,” said Cole. “I’m not blaming the person for hitting my dog. I wish they could of get a hold of the police.”

Animal Control said if an accident with any animal happens after hours, people should call Lincoln Police or 9-1-1. They will be referred to an animal control officer on call.

Roxy, her injured dog is in need of surgery that will cost Cole over three-thousand dollars and has a website for those who want to donate.