Picking Out The Right Workout Shoes For Spring

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LINCOLN, Neb. The Lincoln Running Company is a family owned and operated store in Lincoln that’s been in the capitol city for 38 years.

The employees at the store hold a wealth of information on how to pick the right pair since many of them have been running for years.

10/11’s Natalie Micale talked to two of their shoe experts, Parker Schoen and Eric Heyl, both Lincoln Running Company employes.

Schoen has worked at the store for five years and Heyl, for eight. Both are avid runners who appreciate Lincoln's trails.

When it comes to picking out shoes, both recommend you switch out your sneakers once a year at a minimum.

“Every three to four hundred miles even, which can add up quicker than you think. A lot of people will be like 'I only run 20 miles a week', well that’s 80 miles a month, that adds up to five months,” said Heyl.

The store carries three different types of shoes: running, walking and cross training.

Parker Schoen breaks down some common misconceptions about each one.

“Running shoes are really for anybody. There’s a big misconception that I’m not a runner, I can’t use running shoes. Majority of our customers who come through the door leave with running shoes as running shoes are ideal for any movement,” said Schoen.

“Walking shoes are specifically for everyday wear and just walking around wherever you are. You would not want to workout in those,”said Schoen.

“Cross training shoes are a great shoe for lifting, biking or group fitness. You could even buy a pair of cross training shoes for the gym and then you’re running outside, change your shoes to a running pair,” said Schoen.

In terms of what you should be looking for when you’re trying on a pair of shoes, Eric Heyl says there are five key points to keep in mind.

1.Durability is important. You want to make sure there is the right kind of support and cushion in the sole. “It keeps you working more efficiently and if you get the right fit, it will last a little longer.”

2. Fit should be natural. You don’t want to notice that you have shoes on.

3.Size is also important as you want to allow adequate shoe space. “The toe should be about a thumbs with from the end of the shoe and the heel securely fits and snugly grabs the heel.

4. Weight of the shoe can also be something you look at. “If you’re going longer distances, typically you want something a little heavier that comes with more cushion," said Heyl.

5. Last, consider support and how much support you're feet have in the actual shoe. “Whether you have a high arch or a low arch, getting the right kind of support can make for a happier run,” said Heyl.

Some of their top picks for you brand wise this spring included the following:

1.Brooks Ghost because "it’s a bestseller" that many find to be comfortable with a gel lightweight feel and overall great fit.

2.Saucony Guide as it has more support and stability than most other shoes, with a controlled fit.

3.Asics Nimbus has a Cadillac cushion that both shoe experts say can give people the pillow, cushy fit, which is very important.

To see some of their other early morning accessories and to see the shoes mentioned, please watch the videos above.