Nearly $400,000 Donated to Pilger

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PILGER, Neb. Nearly a month after most of Pilger was destroyed by a tornado, donors have given nearly $400,000.

A committee released the plan to disburse the funds to the residents of Pilger Thursday.

The first step is using $25,000 for immediate relief. Of that, $100 is available to each residents as long as they have proof of residency.

Another $100,000 was approved for emergency assistance. This money will pay up to $1,500 per household for expenses related to the storm. Residents will have to fill out an application and provide documentation of an expense.

A chairman for the committee, Blake Rotherham, says 100 percent of the donations will be disbursed.

Committee members will meet in the future and decide if more money should be approved to the relief and emergency funds, as well as to determine how to operate the recovery fund.

Donations can still be made out to the Pilger Community Development Fund and mailed to Midwest Bank, P.O. Box 346, Pilger, NE 68768.