Pilger Storm Debris found on Farmland 50 Miles Away

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Farmer Wally Nelsen has been finding some interesting items on his farmland located near Emerson Nebraska and it all started the day after a tornado hit the town of Pilger.

"The next morning when I got up I kind of looked out the window and saw a piece of paper laying down. I went up and looked at it, you could see right on there it said Pilger Nebraska," said Nelsen.

It wasn't only these paper documents that were blown the 50 plus miles from Pilger to Nelsen's Fields.

"I found sheet metal laying out there and aluminum siding," said Nelsen.

What's surprising to Nelsen and his family is how intact the documents still are.

"You can still read it, a lot of this stuff is small pieces of paper, but you can make out words on it. How did it survive to get this far?" said Nelsen.

More than a month later, Nelsen is still finding wreckage as he makes his way through the rows and corn and beans and says he has a greater respect for the fury of these storms.

"It's a power you don't want to mess with," said Nelsen.