Pillow Fight Forces Evacuation of UNL Dormitory

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A pillow fight leads to several hundred youths to be relocated to a different dormitory on UNL campus.

Just after 11:00 p.m. Friday, Lincoln Fire & Rescue crews were called to Schramm Hall on UNL's main campus for a fire alarm. The responders were told the alarm indicated water was flowing in the sprinkler system.

When they arrived, crews found the source of water in a fifth floor dorm room.

UNL Police Sergeant, Casey Ricketts said, a number of kids were being housed in the building for the Christ in Youth Conference and those in the room admitted having a pillow fight where the sprinkler head had been knocked off.

By the time firefighters turned the water off, there was damage from the fifth floor down to the first floor.

Ricketts said they contacted maintenance who are beginning the cleanup process.

All the youths were removed from all seven floors of the building and moved to a different building on campus. They youths are scheduled to return home from the conference on Saturday.

It is not uncommon for the University to make some buildings available to outside groups during the summer months, when most of the students are not on campus.

There was no estimate available on the cost of the cleanup or repairs.