Pinnacle Bank Arena Hopes To Regain Losses This Summer

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LINCOLN, Neb. The Husker Basketball Team sold out almost every seat in house during it's season at PBA - but much of that money goes back to the university - making it difficult for the arena to gain some profit.

Now the arena has to focus it's efforts on gaining back some of it's first year losses with what is fast approaching: its summer lineup.

It's first year in action - PBA has been the center of Lincoln - with Husker watch parties, high school graduations - and big concerts.

Tom Lorenz, the General Manager of the PBA said, "We've had a lot of concerts that have been well attended and things that would have never come to Lincoln before."

But it still hasn't broke even - according to city records the PBA has a deficit of 528,000 dollars since the end of it's fiscal budget in April.

Steve Hubka, the City's Financial Director gives a reason. He said,"UNL Basketball is the prime tenant. Our ability to book concerts during the basketball season is more limited because of our commitment to UNL."

UNL is writing the arena a rent check for about $174,000 dollars but whether or not the arena can make up the rest of the debt will depend on how well the summer line-up sells.

Lorenz is confident that many of the summer shows will help. "We've got Cirque Du Solei - the 'Michael Jackson Immortal' series - it will be the biggest production show we've ever had in the Pinnacle Bank Arena," said Lorenz.

Shows like this is what the city hopes will help the arena break even - as it prepares to lend money to PBA operations.

But small events - may also help. One roller derby team in Lincoln the "No Coast Derby Team" is playing at the arena this June for the first time.

Andrea Tarnick is captain of the "No Coast Derby Team" and she said,
"It's super exciting to play in the biggest venue in town, the newest in the's going to be very exciting for us."

Whether it's small or large - only time well tell - by the end of the summer if the arena can break even.

The city will meet on June 18th to formally decide if they will shift revenue from the city's advertising budget to the Pinnacle Bank Arena's operations to cover costs.

City officials say they are hopeful they will make up the shortfall during the summer season and also end up making a profit of about $64,000 dollars.