Pioneer Pete Comes Back Home After Being Stolen

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- The owners of Lee's Chicken cried fowl when they say their beloved iconic figure, Pioneer Pete, missing from their restaurant, leaving only his feet.

But now, Pete is back to his coop but he didn't get there in one piece.

Wednesday morning the owners found Pete laying on the side of the building a little roughed up.

Early Saturday morning the owners found Pioneer Pete had gone from his perch, they say they were shocked and heartbroken that Pete had been stolen. Pete's feet were the only thing left on the metal pedestal.

This morning Lee's Chicken general manager Dennis Kann heard some good news from a co-worker saying he heard Pete came back home.

"He said as he was rolling into the lot, he saw Pete was back home... a little less nice in shape as he left us, but none the less he's back here and we're looking for a way to get him resurrected," said Kann.

Kann says Pete will definitely need a facelift, they will have to find a fiber glass person for repairs and another coat of paint, and a crane to put him back on the pedestal. Luckily the thieves returned all of the pieces.

Kann's wife says maybe they should put a cage on him and call it 'Pete's Chicken Coop'.

Kann believes this was a prank.

"You feel upset when he's stolen and you feel violated initially. We're so glad he's back and overall they did give us all the pieces back and you know I understand pranks and young kids pulling stuff," said Kann.

The owners say they may have to install a surveillance camera to avoid this problem again, or they may place a tracker on Pete.

There's also a Facebook group to help fundraise to put Pioneer Pete back together. Kann says that could cost a couple thousand dollars.