Pipeline Carrying Gasoline Breaks Near Fairmont

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San Antonio-based Nu Star Energy confirms that there was a pipeline spill near Fairmont, Nebraska earlier this week that leaked as much as 150 gallons of gasoline in a farm field. The company calls it a minor leak.

The 8 inch diameter line carries gasoline from Geneva, Nebraska to Yankton, South Dakota.

It was detected by the landowner where the line runs through. That landowner smelled the fumes.

Nu Star Energy says it immediately shut down its pipeline in that area, sent out a response team and quickly took care of the problem and made repairs. Nu Star Energy says no water was contaminated.

The company is still looking into the cause of the leak. The line was back in operation by Thursday evening.

The company emphasized that all of the appropriate regulatory agencies were contacted.

NU Star Energy's Director of Corp. Communications, Greg Matula, sent 10/11 News this email:

"A minor leak was discovered late Wednesday afternoon on NuStar's 8-inch products pipeline that runs from Geneva, NE to Yankton, SD. The line was immediately shut down, NuStar and third-party response crews were dispatched to the area just north of Geneva where the leak was discovered, and all appropriate regulatory agencies were contacted. The leak point was quickly isolated and repairs are nearly complete, and the line was put back in operation Thursday evening. All of the spilled product (gasoline) was also cleaned up by Thursday morning. The cause of the leak is under investigation."