1011now.com Exclusive Special Webcast: Behind the Line

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News of the debate over the proposed TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline, that would pass through Nebraska, has been dominating our newscasts for months.

Those in support of the plan tout the financial benefits including an increase in jobs and Nebraska's property tax base, and a reduction in our reliance on Middle Eastern oil.

Those opposed to the plan are primarily expressing concerns over damage to the environment. Some have only asked to make certain the pipeline avoids Nebraska's sandhills and the Ogallala aquifer. Others are against the entire process of mining, refining and transporting oil - no matter where the pipeline would be built.

At 1011, we wanted to learn more about the company behind the pipeline and give our viewers a look at where the oil moving through it really comes from, how it's pulled from the earth and turned into the fuel we rely on to power our homes, vehicles and businesses. So we embarked on a journey that began with a flight from Lincoln to Calgary, in the Alberta province of Canada. Then we chartered a flight to the oil sands and another to the oil dependent community of Fort McMurray. From there we flew back to the states and drove home, zig-zagging between the proposed Keystone XL pipeline and the first Keystone pipeline.

We believe our job is to provide you with as many viewpoints as possible, even those you may not agree with. So after spending several days on the road and logging more than 3,000 miles we were able to produce this series of special reports "Behind the Line." Click on the video links above.

Dept. of State Map of Current and Proposed Pipeline Across U.S.