Plane Hits Building at Central Nebraska Regional Airport

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Emergency responders rushed to the Central Nebraska Regional Airport at about 3 p.m. Wednesday afternoon after the single engine Piper Meridian crashed into a terminal.

"The aircraft was preparing to taxi out from the Grand Island Airport," said Airport Director, Mike Olson.

According to, the plane was planning to go to Denver, but Olson says the trouble started just after the engine died.

"He lost power to the brakes and power to the nose wheel. He couldn't stop and he hit the building here causing a little bit of damage," said Olson.

A window at the Trego Dugan terminal was broken, but the plane damage was much worse.

Olson says the aircraft is likely totaled because the plane's nose was dented.

The engine is likely damaged as well.

A fuel leak was also a concern for first responders, that's why the hazmat team was on scene.

"Well, just cautionary in case there is another fuel leak. You know we are being cautious," said Olson.

Olson says that fuel leak was an immediate danger to the surrounding area, but has since been cleaned up