Plans Unveiled for Proposed Aquatic Center in Nebraska City

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The Splash Committee unveiled a proposal Tuesday for a new aquatic center in Nebraska City.

Pam Frana of the committee said 26 people attending got a glimpse of Aquatic Design's concept for the center, including zero depth entry, water slides, shade areas and a lazy river.

She said reaction to the conceptual design was positive, "We had a wide variety of ages come and give their opinions. Everyone thought we do need a pool. We didn't have any adverse reaction. It was all positive."

Funding for the proposed $4 to $5 million pool would come from a half cent sales tax.

Frana said, "We want you to go to that website and fill out the survey. It's only open to May 9th because then we have to weed out what we're going to do and how we're going to set this aquatic center up."

To take the survey click on the link to the right.

Project Support Jim Kuhn said the pool itself is 44 years old, while the bath house is 78. He added, "A lot of the pool you can't get parts anymore, you can't replace it, you can't fix it, there's a lot of leakage to the pool, we had to close the kiddie pool down because we just couldn't keep water it in, so it's time."

The pool will go to a vote in the November general election.