Platte River Unusually Full

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After lots of heavy rainfall in the month of June, the Platte River is unusually full. It has a good current coming through it, so if you're going to be out here this holiday weekend, the Hall County Sheriff's Department urges you to be cautious.

"It doesn't take see a spot where you can't see the bottom and if you decide to step in it, there's a good flow through there, it's gonna take you," said Jerry Watson the Hall County Sheriff.

Watson says the current can sweep the sand at the bottom of the river away. Just because you have a good footing where you stand, it doesn't mean the next step you take will be secure.

"The flow, I mean, you can't... it's unpredictable. It can pull you under the water and you just need to be really really careful," said Watson.

The Hall County Sheriff told me, if you plan on having children near or in the water, it's imperative they wear a life jacket.