"Pocket Change for Charity" Fundraiser Helps Team Jack

Rex Burkhead joins Jack Hoffman and his family at the first ever "Pocket Change for Charity" event in Lincoln.

Jack Hoffman and his family won't give up their fight against pediatric brain cancer. Tuesday night they got some help from generous people in Lincoln.

A little change can make a big difference.

Seven-year-old Jack Hoffman said, "I would say thank you for coming."

It's called "Pocket Change for Charity" the first ever in Lincoln, all benefiting Team Jack and pediatric brain cancer research.

Rex Burkhead made a surprise performance for the people at the event. He told the crowd, "Jack, he's been a huge inspiration to me and everything that I was going through with my little knee injury, it made me think about Jack and it made me realize it's nothing compared to what he's fighting through."

With Rex by Jack's side, about 75 people spent the night bidding quarter by quarter hoping their name would be drawn and called for the auction item of their choice.

Burkhead said about the event, "It's great seeing everyone come out and show their support, for Team Jack and just raising for a higher cause. It just shows that Team Jack has spread across the state as well as the country, I have friends, guys down in Texas who ask about Jack."

Jack's father Andy Hoffman added, "It's really special to our family to come down here and be guests, be guests of honor at this outstanding event, kudos to the folks that organized this event and it just really means a lot to our family that for the first ever event they selected Team Jack and pediatric brain cancer research.'

One of the event organizers Sarah Mullins said the event started in Grand Island a few years ago, but the women who started it were unable to keep it going. Now, six local business owners organized the event in Lincoln and want to put the emphasis on local charities.

Mullins said, "Most of us girls had heard about Team Jack already and so that's why we chose them and the great thing is each charity we support, gets to pick the next one."

Mullins said they hope to make this a twice-a-year event. The next "Pocket Change for Charity" event will be in September.