Police Believe Shooting of 12 Year Old Girl Accidental

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LINCOLN, Neb. Man cited after 12-year-old girl was shot at a party. Police believe the shooting was accidental.

Lincoln Police were called to the 2300 block of South 35th Street after reports that a girl had been shot.

According to Captain Genelle Moore, a man had gone to a party with friends and had brought a gun along intending to sell it to someone else at the party.

Moore said several witness statements confirm when the man pulled the gun from his pocket, he fumbled it and when it hit the floor it fired. The bullet struck the girl in the shoulder. Moore did not know why the weapon was loaded at the time.

Lincoln Fire and Rescue transported the child to the hospital and her injuries are not considered to be life-threatening.

Police issued the man a citation of unlawful discharge of a weapon in the City.