Police: Car Stolen from Couple Delivering Morning Papers

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Police are searching for three suspects after a car was stolen from two paper carriers Wednesday morning.

It happened just after 6 a.m., Kirk Lehl and his wife, Lori Lehl, were delivering papers in the area of 58th and Francis when they discovered their van had been stolen.

Police say the Lehl's left their van running and unattended.

"We just parked the car in the street and then walked several blocks delivering papers. Then when we came back to where the van was supposed to be parked, it was gone," said Kirk.

He says that's when they called police.

"One of our officers spotted the car about 15 minutes later. As soon as the occupants of the vehicle saw the police car, they pulled over and bailed out," said Sergeant Mark Meyerson.

Meyerson says a dog track and many officers assisted in the search, but they were unable to locate the suspects.

Police were able to recover the stolen van.

No suspect descriptions are available at this time and no arrests have been made.