Police Find Ammunition, Explosives at Lincoln East

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Lincoln police found more than 200 bullets and some homemade explosives at Lincoln East High School.

Police say a student saw bullets in a backpack at school and told the associate principal he thought another student had a weapon and ammunition.

School officials located the 18-year-old student and questioned him. They found 50, .22 caliber rifle bullets in his backpack and a further search found more than 150 bullets in his vehicle.

Police say he also had several homemade explosives. Police say there were no threats made and they don't believe anyone was in danger.

The fire inspector took the explosives for testing. Police did not cite the student yet, but citations may come after the explosives are tested.

The student has no criminal history with Lincoln police. He faces discipline from the school.

Lincoln police say the student that told administrators did exactly the right thing.