Police Investigate Damage to Multiple Cars

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Lincoln Police are trying to determine who damaged a number of vehicles in the Clinton neighborhood.

According to Captain Michon Morrow, police were called to the area of 3200 block of Apple Street about 11:30 Sunday night, for damage to windows on two vehicles. Morrow said at least five vehicles have been found with damage. Morrow said the owner of one vehicle refused to assist officers making the reports.

Windows and mirrors on cars were damaged in the area generally between 27th and 33rd Streets and from Vine to Holdrege.

One victim, Jessica Stanley said she was awakened by officers knocking on her door about 2:00 a.m. Stanley didn't answer the door because of the neighborhood. She later came out to find a broken rear window on her car.

Stanley and Morrow think this was just damage and not any sort of theft from the vehicles.

Anyone who discovers damage to a vehicle should call Lincoln Police at 402-441-7204.

Anyone with information on this case can receive a cash reward by calling in a tip to Lincoln CrimeStoppers at 402-475-3600.